Building a website for your company is neither cheap nor easy. What it is, however, is necessary for 2019. And once you’ve completed the entire process – from pre-design to launch – you might think you’re completely done.

In reality, you should approach your website as though it’s living and breathing. Like all living things, that means it requires regular “checkups” or audits. Keep your website healthy by reviewing these technical, design, lead generation, content, and SEO elements.


Performing an audit of the technical aspects of your website can provide insight into the underlying technology of your site. Because this affects every other aspect of your site, you should conduct these audit items first. Ask your team questions such as:

Is the site using an SSL certificate and if so, is it implemented correctly?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layers, is a layer of security that prevents sensitive information from becoming vulnerable to outside sources. If you collect any information like emails or passwords, you should ensure you’re using SSL to be secure. To do this, enable HTTPS across your website. If it breaks, or is not working in certain areas, you’ll be able to notice in the URL, or you’ll receive a “Not Secure” warning in a web browser. HubSpot has a wealth of further information on this if you have more concerns.

Are you filtering out your internal traffic in all analytics platforms, like Google Analytics, HubSpot, Hotjar and more?

To get a real…

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