Based on the algorithm, animations, behaviours, and decision making of real football players will now appear more natural. With new physics engines and motion capture technology, FIFA 22 will bring fresh, exciting, and immersive gameplay to the series.

FIFA 22 will play with a fully-featured Main Menu, featuring all 15 official national teams, all 32 official leagues, 20 stadiums, and 4-player online versus (OV).

FIFA 20 sold an estimated 30 million units and was the best-selling football game in the history of the franchise. The addition of The Journey Mode, as well as the global introduction of My FIFA Season, made FIFA 20’s Ultimate Edition a powerful title that has emerged as the leading title in the FIFA franchise.

Powered by Frostbite and including the most feature-rich gameplay overhaul in the history of the series, FIFA 22 will allow football fans around the world to watch, play, and be the best in-game leader while experiencing the most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems in football.

Key Features:


• The Journey – Experience authentic football from around the world with FIFA’s most complete and immersive story mode ever. With more national teams, leagues, players, kits, stadiums, and gameplay modes than any other FIFA game, the story of FIFA 22 will be different for each of you. With new interactive features and a series of epic stories tied to FIFA’s biggest names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Kylian Mbappe and much more, the story will bring you closer to the biggest names in football.

• FIFA’s New Engine – FIFA 22 is powered by the new U-TV™ engine, which captures the fluidity of real players and speed of real football, allowing for more realistic and unpredictable gameplay. Players’ movements, tackles, aerial duels, and on-ball activities are accurately recreated thanks to motion capture data collected from 22 real-life football players as they were playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.

• FIFA 22’s Complete Set of Official Leagues – For the first time in a FIFA game, there are more than 80 official leagues to play in, including the newly introduced Super League of Japan. Participate in the Champions League or take your place


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” a revolutionary feature that uses data collected from 20 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The game improves audio-visual presentation by stunningly replicating the energy of the players, crowds and the stadium environment.
  • Career Mode – Create your own club, lead it to glory in authentic stadiums across the globe, select your kit, and master the skills of football. Test your skills as a player in Player Career mode with more ways to progress, achieve and evolve.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team features new connectivity between all digital worlds and all your favourite football clubs and people. Users can now use their account to buy players from their favourite clubs, add their favourite footballers onto their FUT squad, win Champions League trophies and play matches online with their local friends.


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FIFA means football. FIFA is the world’s leading club football franchise, brought to life by Electronic Arts Inc. by means of FIFA World Cup™, FIFA World Football Tour, FIFA, FIFA Inside and FIFA Street.

FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA World Football Tour have been the world’s foremost club football series for over 20 years, to become the biggest game of the year and the defining event of the season.

FIFA 2014 delivers the most authentic clubs experience to date. Players can create their own player profiles to capture the likeness of their favorite club stars, then choose from the world’s most coveted football teams to represent in FIFA Ultimate Team™.

FIFA Street™ returns with the most authentic street experience in a video game, packing 200 team legends into all 32 football kits from across the globe.

FIFA Inside pairs unparalleled graphics with inside info and commentary from football’s most knowledgeable people, while FIFA Inside Season offers live matches and the chance to recreate your favorite moments from FIFA World Cup™, FIFA Confederations Cup™ and FIFA Club World Cup™.

All this comes together to form the biggest, most passionate football video game experience ever created.

Crucially, FIFA represents the biggest investment from Electronic Arts in the history of our game. Because of this, we’re investing in our gameplay, server technology, technology and experience to bring the game even closer to real football than ever before. Our goal is to make FIFA the biggest, most authentic football game of the year.

At just the time when every goal matters, and the pressure increases, you’ll have access to the power to unleash creative attacks, overcome the odds and chase down every last goal.

FIFA is a game of fate, strategy and skill. Every football match is a game of beauty and brutality. Beautiful to watch, stunning to play. Beautiful to watch, stunning to play.

Realism in every way. MyClub is reinvented. MyClub is where you make the lineup and swap tactics like never before. You’ll lead your team through pre-season training, into the Premier League, all the way to the biggest games of the year.

You’ll work your way to the highest ranking club, as manager, and set the team’s tactic for every game. You’ll have the chance to build a winning mentality among your players,


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The most popular way to play in FIFA, Ultimate Team brings the depth and excitement of real soccer to life in an immersive, socially connected experience. Keep your squad of soccer heroes together by combining real players with virtual ones in real-world and fantasy trade with friends, rivals and other players around the world. Gather the best global talent into your squad while managing your virtual team and growing the collection, all the while competing for bigger prize pool, rewards and glory. Ultimate Team pushes you to rise to the next level, whether you’re just starting out or preparing for your first FIFA Ultimate Team game.

The Journey:
Every step of the journey to becoming a Pro is the story of a player’s life. From the moment that player is born into the world, it is a unique story of hope, possibility and dreams. The Journey continues to evolve as players look to achieve their dreams through the challenges that life brings.

The new Pro Experience
The Pro Experience is a living, breathing ecosystem of experience and competition where the best of the best compete to win the gold medal. The platform has evolved, no longer just on grass, it’s now all over the world. Teams and players are driven to reach their full potential through The Journey and competition in The Pro Experience, all streamed live on

The Pro Experience in FIFA 22 allows you to level up as you compete with other players in The Journey, and rise through the tiers. You can even join The Pro Experience at the top level to compete directly with the best FIFA pros.

New competition types
Compete against friends and rivals in The Journey for the top positions on the Pro Experience Championship leaderboards. Increase your FIFA skills at the Pro Experience Training Center, where you can compete in training matches for trophies.

Refine your skills and matchmaking at the Pro Experience Coaching Center, where you can customize your player loadout. Then, go head to head with players of your same level in competition matchmaking in The Pro Experience matches.

Dynamic build-and-break gameplay
The build-and-break action in FIFA 22 creates a more intense, realistic and responsive FIFA experience. Dribbble action, combined with slick animations, make a dynamic experience for both coaches and players. Cut-and-boost moves are an even bigger focus in FIFA 22, and will provide a variety of moves to build a team around.

New Commentary
The top commentators in the world provide a more sophisticated


What’s new:

  • New set of motion capturing data
  • New ball physics – the most responsive ball sim ever
  • New dribbling controls – setting off the perfect move
  • Skillshot Creation tool to create sweet goalscoring gems


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FIFA is a popular EA SPORTS FIFA mobile game and personal FIFA Manager on which you can manage a team of footballers and compete in the game’s various tournaments. There’s also the option to play on a computer using FIFA, for those who wish to compare their skills against the computer.

FIFA is a popular EA SPORTS FIFA mobile game and personal FIFA Manager on which you can manage a team of footballers and compete in the game’s various tournaments. There’s also the option to play on a computer using FIFA, for those who wish to compare their skills against the computer.

There’s not much else to say about FIFA. It’s still the ubiquitous football game and does pretty much what you’d expect it to do. Still, in the new version of the game, there are a few tweaks that make it worthy of a look. These include new tutorial modes and a revised user interface.

Quotas will stop you from getting good players, but you can always unlock them with your coins and the new game is up and running in no time. In the beginner’s mode, you can take a look at some of the top players across the games. There’s a fair few from the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and others.

It’s worth noting that the real names and nicknames have been changed in FIFA’s brand new ‘User Interface’. Instead of your footballer’s real name and nickname, you’ll see their heroics (wins, goals and strikes) and nationality.

Revamped user interface

There are a lot of changes you’ll see in FIFA 22, many of them come in the form of new icons and menus. It’s been difficult to tell just how much progress the game has made since the last version, and it’s hard to tell just how different FIFA 22 is from FIFA 21. The biggest differences are likely to be in the load times and button prompts.

However, I’m pleased to say that the user interface has been revamped in FIFA 22. There are no longer two menus to go through to actually start a game. Instead, there’s only one main menu that houses the most important options and information before you start a game.

From the main menu, you can quickly start a new career, single game, tournament or your player load-outs. Tournaments will allow you to play the game’s different modes such as the new 5-a-side game and international tournaments.

Other features worth mentioning include the ability to create


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