In e-commerce paid search, we know that two important aspects of online marketing are to build well-structured campaigns with relevant keywords and good ad copy. The account needs to have the right bid strategies and negative keywords to improve relevance. Even if all these things are done correctly, there are many other factors that can have a negative impact on performance. 

The landing page experience is a major one. Other factors that impact performance are prices, shipping costs, and competition. Below are a few of the challenges some of our clients face.

1. Prices that are too high

Are your prices too high? Can your products be purchased somewhere else for a lower price? If so, it may be time to rethink your pricing structure. It might be possible to reduce your profit margins but still increase your revenue: over 82% of Amazon purchasers say that price is an important factor. 

How do your prices compare to your competitors? Google’s price competitiveness tool can be a helpful tool to ensure your prices are not above benchmark prices in shopping. For example, one client increased their prices but then realized that their prices were above the market benchmark price – which may have put off potential buyers.

Tip: Log into Google Merchant Center > click on Growth > and Price Competitiveness. You may be required to enable these insights in order to see this data.

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