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Mid-May, Facebook announced their latest product release: Facebook Shops, a new avenue for customers to discover and shop for new products from their favorite brands. Shops will live on a business’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile and can be discovered via stories, product taggings, or a profile CTA. 

Facebook Shops come with Commerce Manager, which gives businesses real-time data on performance (content views, clicks). In addition, Shop set-up and customization will live within Commerce Manager; however, Facebook hinted to future partner integrations that will benefit brands who already work with 3rd-party services. 

Facebook Shops is the first of several products Facebook will be rolling out to aid businesses in connecting with their customers online. Facebook plans to integrate Shops with their messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp) to further connect businesses and their customers. Other notable soon-to-launch features include live shopping and loyalty program integrations. 

Now is an ideal time for more online options for brands to connect with their customers. Some quick stats from Facebook’s Shops launch on the shift to online shopping in 2020:

  • 75% of respondents plan to avoid shopping centers
  • 51% of businesses report increasing online interactions with their clients
  • 21% of operational SMBs report that they are now conducting all of their sales online

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