2019 December 6 MarketingCharts Chart

New Study: 2019 Promo.com Online Video Statistics and Trends [Infographic]
A newly-released study of online video viewing trends offers a slew of statistics of interest to digital marketers, including that 49 percent of people watch more than five videos daily, 67 percent watch the most video using YouTube, followed by Facebook at 26 percent and Instagram with 6 percent. 36 percent watch between two to five videos a day, and 10 percent of respondents said that they watch too many to count, according to the Promo.com study. Promo

Brand loyalty remains high at 89%, driven by product and price rather than service
Loyal customers are the most likely to refer brands to others and to join loyalty programs, while being less likely to engage on social — two of many findings of interest to digital marketers in recently-released survey data, which also showed that product and price drove loyalty more than service. Marketing Land

Email Tops B2B Channel List For Customers: Study
Tried and true email was the preferred channel for B2B prospects to hear about companies, while simultaneously ranking as only the third most effective channel among B2B marketers, according to newly-released study data. MediaPost

Instagram explains how it uses AI to choose content for your Explore tab
Google-owned Instagram recently revealed some of the technology behind the popular platform’s content selection process, including elements of the artificial intelligence (AI) the content-selection process…

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