EquiBase Pro is a comprehensive and lightweight application that provides users with a simple means of managing and organizing all the horse records.
With its user-friendly interface, you have the possibility to track all the vaccination and and health details. Also, you are able to keep useful records about events, costs, trainings and sessions.







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– Track mare’s health and vaccination

– Track and analyze costs

– Keep useful training and event records

– Track horses location

– Import pedigree data from the FBP, SHER or ADMSC

– Import data from the Equine files by a query

– Export data to FBP, SHER or ADMSC

– Export data to Equine files

– Schedule events

– Track horses in group

– Schedule trainer’s recertification

– Start, stop, resume, cancel and reschedule training sessions

– Record resistance levels

– Import bourse files into EquiBase Pro Full Crack

– Schedule bourse files upload

– Import SimTitan and Breed Directory data

– Import SimTitan and Breed Directory data to EquiBase Pro

– Export SimTitan and Breed Directory data to FBP, SHER or ADMSC

– Export SimTitan and Breed Directory data to Equine files

– Export other data

– Import and display videos

– Edit and add videos

– Drag and drop videos

– Import videos by a query

– Import videos from an Equine file

– Edit and add video in EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Edit and add videos in EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Print video

– Download video

– Import and display research data

– Import and display research data to EquiBase Pro

– Export research data to a FBP, SHER or ADMSC file

– Export research data to Equine files

– Edit and add research data to EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Edit and add research data in EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Edit and add research data to EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Edit and add research data in EquiBase Pro by using a query

– Import and display quotes data

– Import and display quotes data to Equi

EquiBase Pro Crack+ Free Download [2022]

• Track horse records, horse details
• Perform simple but extremely useful operations on the data managed
• Manage all events, costs, sessions, competitions
• Data can be exported to Excel
• Interface optimized for the smartphone
• EquiBase Pro For Windows 10 Crack supports the Android system
• Easily import events and photos from Facebook or Google+
• Supports mobile access, so if you take a horse to a rodeo, or to another event, you can check its record online
• Detect and apply updates automatically to the data, without requiring a re-installation
• Data and information can be shared directly through Facebook, Google+ or WhatsApp
• Database storage, backup and recovery
• Reports and analysis tools
• Connection to the internet
• Edit and customize
• Customizable and optimized for different languages
• Quick access to the main data
• Multimedia buttons and buttons for specific functions
• Data protection
• Easy to use
• Customizable reports
• Data created by you can be published on the web
• Easily export data to Excel
• A lot of other functions to improve your working time.

Permissions :

* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Read/write the storage to load your data to the database
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Write the stored data to load in the database
* INTERNET : To connect to the database to load your data
* READ_PHONE_STATE : You must install one of the options of Facebook, Google+, Twitter or WordPress on your phone to be able to upload photos to the database
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Write your photos to the database
* AUDIO : To read noises and microphones
* CAMERA : To read the photo of your horse
* VIBRATOR : If you like to download videos to your phone
* RECORD_AUDIO : Record your voice to the database
* CAMERA_FACING : If you like to switch on and off the back of the camera
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : If you like to load data from phone storage
* READ_PHONE_STATE : If you like to view phone number and emails
* RECORD_AUDIO : If you like to record your voice
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : If you like to write data to phone storage

Affected by permissions:


EquiBase Pro Crack+

EquiBase Pro is a comprehensive and lightweight application that provides users with a simple means of managing and organizing all the horse records.

This app is built to help you keep all the records of your horses. It helps you to keep all the records of your horse, storing them in a single and in-depth list that can be easily filtered and sorted, making it a useful tool not only for your personal time, but also for commercial purposes.

With the app you can perform the following actions:
– Create a new database for your horse
– Add horses to a database
– Save files
– Search records
– Delete file
– Move file
– Rename file
– Open file
– Open folder
– Add children to folder
– Remove children from folder
– Delete folder
– Move folder
– Add or delete one more item from a list
– Create custom button
– Create slider
– Filter list
– Sort list
– Manage slide transitions

You can keep your records safe from external access and enjoy all the advantages of the application in a professional manner.

– Paste image in the image browser
– Paste image in the content editor
– Paste image in one of the selected canvas
– Choose a first and a last name (optional)
– Zoom in/out the image
– Change paper size
– Automatically opens the file in a new tab
– Support for all file formats
– Compose new e-mail
– Compose new phone call
– Compose new sms
– Attach files to messages
– Add contact to favorites
– Change account to use the account from the contact
– Copy contact data
– Delete contact
– Long press to call
– Long press to sms
– Long press to email
– Long press to call directly from the contact
– Long press to sms directly from the contact
– Long press to add contact to favorites
– Long press to video call
– Long press to share from gallery
– Long press to image editor

You can also capture the details of a person from your database by moving the slider.

You can also create a list for each kennel, providing a different look to the database.

When you close the application, all the data is kept safe in a database file.

Extend the app for commercial purposes.

Can copy registry entry for a wine’s name.

Use Google Drive in a more

What’s New In EquiBase Pro?

EquiBase Pro is a web-based application that is easy to use, install and manage. It’s packed with useful features and the user interface is extremely simple to operate.
The main components are:
EquiBase Admin
– Manages your accounts
– Manages your subscription
– Useful reports
EquiBase App
– Simple and easy to use
– Keep track of your training and events
– Scan the app to your smart device via QR
EquiBase Training
– Track your performance, statistics and costs
– Keep track of your costs
EquiBase Events
– Track and manage all your horse events
– Keep track of your horse performances
– Record your event and photo

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 (2.3 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or AMD HD7970
Storage: 30 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Other: Razer Mamba (most useful)
PlayStation: 4 (or Xbox 360)
Windows XP or higher
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.