EPOS Suite is especially designed for the retail businesses. It allows retail stores owners to manage their business using a touch screen terminal.
The program is suitable for small businesses, such as supermarkets or grocery shops. It is integrated with MySQL database and promises to help you improve business productivity.







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> Supports POS System:
* Prints custom receipts, schedules, and reports.
> Gives you the ability to access your POS database remotely.
* Allows you to check order histories, cash/check journals, and stock transactions.
> Provides an integrated document services to help you create receipts.
* Generates custom invoices and inventory reports.
> Creates a centralized catalog for your customers.
> Makes generating reports easier and faster.
> This software has a rich list of features for you to manage your retail business
> completely through a touch screen terminal.
* EPOS is designed to run on Windows or Linux platforms.
* It doesn’t need a web server to run.
. Features:
* Quick Start
. Easily configure and install EPOS.
* Change Database
. To add support for more databases, just change the file.
* Change User
. Quickly change the user.
* Advanced Custom
. You can configure any data structure from the database.
. You can add or modify any table.
* Powerful SQL
. Compatible with MySQL.
. Provides many functions that are helpful for your business.
* Quick Create List
. Allows you to create a list from scratch.
. Create a custom list in a single press.
. Excellent customer support and training.

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EPOS Suite PC/Windows

This app is an updated version of the EPOS Manager program. We have integrated a powerful subscription list manager, a directory and an inventory system.
EPOS Manager Features:
EPOS Manager is an integrated EPOS and Product Management system for Retail businesses.
EPOS Manager is a robust program. It is capable of handling complex subscriptions and deliveries
EPOS Manager supports multiple stores at the same time. Stores can be added/removed without any efforts.
It is capable of managing inventory on physical and E-commerce sites at the same time.
EPOS Manager database is highly optimized to process large quantity of data without any delay.
EPOS Manager is flexible enough to manage existing EPOS system, but it supports a new EPOS system as well.
Fully integrated EDI capabilities, allowing it to scan paper documents into an electronic format.
Unique POS paper saving feature which saves paper with the help of IML database.
EPOS Manager compatible with MySQL database which allows you to do any changes as you want.
EPOS Manager supports multiple languages. It offers multi-lingual support for Russian and English languages.
EPOS Manager is available for both Windows and Mac.
EPOS Manager is certified by End Point Software, Inc. and can be used on any software compatible devices like tablet and laptop.
The program can be installed on a computer to be used as offline software. It has a robust back up file which helps you to restore the program in case of any problems during installation.

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• Runs on any platform (PC, mac, mobile, etc.)
• Regulat…

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What’s New in the EPOS Suite?

The system is intended to cover all aspects of the entire stock of the stores in various outlets. It is a point of sale solution which includes a shopping cart, which can be attached directly to the front of the cash register. The program is an open framework allowing you to add more functionality to suit your business needs. The core functionality of the program is based on a client/server architecture.
Key Features of EPOS Suite:


Sale History

Projected Sales

Opening of Orders

Sales by Item

Sales by Stock-Code

Sales by Promo Code

Sales Tax Records



Sale confirmations

Many more

Pros of EPOS Suite:

It is integrated with various software such as Excel, Microsoft Project and others. It allows you to effortlessly import your data from other software to save you time.

It is a total system that helps you get rid of manual activities. Using the program, all the processing of data in the transaction becomes a simple task.

This program does not require license and you can download it from the maker’s website.

EPOS Suite Cons:

It is not a robust software for reporting, customization and print support.

It has some issues with Excel. This interface is not stable when you are making some calculations.


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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
Vista or Windows Server 2008 or later
256MB of RAM
80MB of free disk space
Internet Connection
System Requirements:
Windows 8.1 or later
Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 or later
64MB of RAM
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 or later