Have you claimed your Google Knowledge Panel?

Have you built out the entity of your company in the way that Google can understand who you are and differentiate between you and your competitors?

Jason Barnard, founder & CEO of Kalicube, joins Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, on the Search Engine Journal Show to discuss the importance of entity building with Google’s Knowledge Graph.

In SEO, the goal is to package our content in a way that educates Google so that it can answer user queries in the most credible way.

As you build your brand, Google considers your entity (preferably your home page) as the first explanation of who you are, what you do, and who your audience is. Once it realizes that, you can present corroborating sources/links to support your brand.


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“This is a niche within the SEO industry where the technique might be the same, but the order of priority is quite different. There are certain mistakes that may occur that you have never seen before since it’s such a specific area of work.” – Jason Barnard

“Google is a child that really wants to understand and our job is to educate it.” – Jason Barnard

[0:00] – What the Brand SERP Guy means and why you should be thinking about your brand SERPs
[03:02] – Other opportunities from a front page real estate perspective
[03:29] – If you’re missing this on your home page, Google might have issues understanding your site.
[04:21] – The value of Twitter boxes…

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