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In order to prevent automated attempts to download Elsawin setup, please rename the file before downloading it.

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How to add custom metadata for individual routes in Nuxt.js

I have an Nuxt app with 2 pages: about and home. I’d like to add in some metadata to the url that will apply to the 2 pages.
By default, Nuxt.js adds the data in

to both the about and home routes. In my css I have the following
.user { color: #ff3881; font-weight: bold }

But how can I add this data to specific pages?
My nuxt.config.js
export default {
head () {
return {
title: ‘React App’,
meta: [
{ charset: ‘utf-8’ },
{ name: ‘viewport’, content: ‘width=device-width, initial-scale=1’ },
{ hid: ‘description’, name: ‘description’, content: ‘Some content goes here’ },
{ hid: ‘keywords’, name: ‘keywords’, content: ‘Some keywords go here’ },
{ hid: ‘author’, name: ‘author’, content: ‘Some author goes here’ },
link: [
{ rel:’stylesheet’, href: ‘/assets/css/app.css’ },

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