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■ Elden Ring Game Play
You are Tarnished, a general of the Elden Ring. Together with Erazis, an adventurer, you must enter the Lands Between to defeat the forces of Dusk, a rival group, and save the lands.
■ Castoff
It is only when you receive the gift of a silver coin and select a different class than you are ordinarily capable of being that the world of Elden Ring is revealed.
■ Rules of the Game
In Elden Ring, not only can you be a warrior, priest, mage, or rogue, but also be a keeper of the light (Red) or darkness (Black). The choice of which class to take can determine your victory over the enemy or your death.
■ Combinations of Classes
Even though you are allocated one class at the beginning of the game, you can freely combine classes to play any combination of fighter, mage, priest, and rogue. There are no limits on the combination of classes, and various combinations are possible based on the type of enemies encountered.
■ All in All
In Elden Ring, the interplay of class combinations, the tactics and tactics of individual classes, and the performance of party members are all key elements to victory.
■ Erazis
An adventurer whose exploits rival those of the royal family. His personality changes depending on the circumstances.
■ Songs
Music that cannot be heard in the game, but which can be listened to with your ear.
■ Achievement
For the first time, you can play the fantasy-themed action RPG by yourself or with friends with an additional free game account.
■ Languages
Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian.

Dos Point:

■ Instruction Manual
■ Dedicated Play Assistant
■ 10 Bonus Items Per Class
1,750 yen (tax not included)

■ Info
■ System Requirements
■ Release date
■ Compatibility
■ Features
■ System
■ Story
■ Rule of the game
■ Achievement

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Stunning Graphics: You can enjoy the game, designed for high-resolution “Retina” and Google’s Material Design.
  • Eclectic Combat System: Experience amazing and original combat, in which cooperative skills and special attacks come into play.
  • Epic Fantasy Adventure: Manage and combine the Warriors, Witches, and Mages, and explore an extraordinary and diversified world.
  • Author’s Cacoklecraft: Equip and develop unique and original spells – each with its own unique weapon- that will determine the path of your adventure. Acquire powerful weapons and armor based on your experience in combat, and launch an unstoppable strike of your own style!
  • Confidence Rise and Fall Game: Create your own Legend in your quest to vanquish Evolvia.
  • Lending Cards Concept: Stay and experience the story of your family at the side of the Elden Lord, who is a part of your party.
  • Most items to obtain and acquire. A unique game where, for each treasure map found, the items required to open it are revealed. Not only do the game’s many scenes and maps increase your chances of acquiring items, but you can easily manage your inventory.
  • Typing system: Experience the rich and powerful world through your fingertips. You can assign custom names and attributes to all of the characters in the game using the keyboard. Talk to others using a wider variety of input methods.

    Elden Ring is a game where you play a role as the guide of a special person called the Elden Lord. He is standing between the land of the living and the dead – a land where the souls of the recently dead reside.
    With “Enchantment,” he uses “Blood Magic” to control those souls, and customize their destinies.
    This is a fantasy action role-playing game that allows you to delve into the vast world without lags or graphical glitches.
    Diversify, levitate, and describe incredible physics and action scenes.

    Elden Ring official site:


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    – “Unique and intriguing”

    – – “Gripping and exciting”

    – – “I felt like I’m living in a tale written by Tolkien”

    – “If you like multiplayer RPGs, you need to buy this game”

    – – “The combat and aesthetic look so cool”

    – – “The story captivates me for hours”

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    The Lands Between


    Android Game Download

    Android Game Requirements


    A complex game with a vivid and vibrant story

    Omni-Directional Sound

    6,000 Words

    6,500 Characters

    7,500 Words and Characters

    Customize your character

    14 Gun Types

    50 Magic Types

    14 Armor Types

    18 Weapon Types

    Customize Class and Power

    Numerous maps to explore with different enemies

    Loot Box

    Play in 2D or 3D

    Epic Story Woven with the Fantasy Genre

    Heroic Fantasy RPG that’s Easy to Play and Extremely Challenging

    Tantalizing and Intriguing

    6,500 Words

    Original Fantasy Story by Tomomi Shimizu

    36 Main Characters by Tomomi Shimizu

    Animation by Yamaguchi Tomohiro

    Music by Takemura Masamichi

    Artwork by Yamaguchi Tomohiro

    3D rendered by NINO

    Enhance Your ELDEN Ring Experience

    Evil | Rank up your ELDEN Ring Spirit | Loot Box

    Online World


    Rise to power!

    Complete quests to strengthen your confidence and level up your ELDEN Ring Spirit!

    Confirm to the point of disbelief that your ELDEN Ring has grown strong!

    Upgrade your ELDEN Ring Spirit!

    Master new enhanced magic to create a group of allies from the strongest soldiers to prepare for a journey!

    Go on an unprecedented journey with your companions as you challenge the Empire!

    New maps, enemies, equipment, and magic to accomplish the impossible!

    Prepare to destroy the Empire!

    A fine sword


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    • Create your own character.

    Based on the “Battle System” of the MMO genre, there are five types of characters (Warriors, Adventurers, Mages, Priests, and Paladins) that are distinguished by their abilities. It is possible to customize the appearance of your character’s hairstyle and hairstyle, skin color, facial expression, eyes, and other information.

    Combat Style:
    • High Attack, High Defense is the standard fighting style, with a high attack that reduces your chances of missing. You can freely switch to the role you want.
    • Stun the Enemy, rush into the battle with the Sword Shout strategy, or use the skillful attack of the Two-Handed Sword, feeling the satisfaction of hitting the enemy in close combat. You can freely select an attack based on your situation.
    • Low attack, High defense, the most basic combat style, will not engage in battle unless you have the magic or the strength to resist attacks.

    • You can freely build your character from the beginning.

    The game comes with a wide variety of stats based on the combat styles. In addition to the traditional stat points, you can freely set their levels as you like. As you level up, the stat points of your character will increase. By level 50, you will be able to level up the skills to three times their base levels. In addition, your stats will reach a level of 1.9, making your character much more powerful!

    • The “Real-Time Strength Rating” system presents three levels of strength.

    ▶ Level 1: Stand in front of an enemy and hold down the Square button to gain a boost. By holding down Square, you will gain a temporary strength increase every second.

    ▶ Level 2: Press the Square button to activate the Full Boost option, in which you will start to gain a temporary strength increase every second until the end of the battle.

    ▶ Level 3: Press the Square button to activate the Ultimate Boost option, in which you will gain a temporary strength increase every second from the start of the battle until the end, and you can press the Square button again to increase the temporary strength increase.

    ▶ By pressing the Square button while you are attacking, you will automatically generate a powerful attack without delay.


    • “Relentless Speed Battle” mode (Level 1)


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    This game was made specifically for the open beta from the development team who has been working on Sun & Moon. We hope you enjoy it, and we will put all the measures we can think of to send regular updates.

    Thank you, and stay tuned for more information about Wind & Cloud.


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<h2><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">System Requirements:</span></strong></h2>
<p>OS: OS X 10.9.4 or later<br />
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better<br />
Memory: 8 GB RAM<br />
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card<br />
Storage: 700 MB available space<br />
Networking: Broadband Internet connection<br />
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