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Ecommerce sites should provide the necessary tools that make transactions quick and easy for customers and store owners alike. But most ecommerce sellers forget about the one part of their website that works for them 24/7: their blog.

Blogging for ecommerce can deliver plentiful benefits, from marketing your products to new clientele to building a devoted fan base of lifelong customers. Let’s dive into how to get started blogging for ecommerce and what you can gain by doing so.

The Best Platforms for Ecommerce Blogging

Ecommerce blogging should come as a part of your overall web store platform. Many ecommerce site builders also sport some degree of blogging functionality, but these three are the best providers that deliver well on both blogging and ecommerce features:

If you want to get a feel for blogging platforms in general, check out our full reviews of the three brands above, plus others. 

What is Ecommerce Blogging?

Have you ever read an article about a new product and just had to buy it? What about tips and tricks for using a product or service? That’s what ecommerce blogging is all about—generating organic interest in your brand and its products or services through written content.

It’s a way of marketing…

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