PPC on Amazon FBA is no walk in the park. In this Amazon PPC tutorial, we break down how to draw insights from campaigns and perform Amazon PPC management. Your Amazon PPC strategy in 2020 needs to be optimized to reduce your Amazon PPC ACOS and boost profitability. We explain why a minimalist approach to Amazon sponsored ads yields better results and is also far more manageable, leading to faster Amazon PPC optimization. In this Amazon PPC tutorial 2020, we pick up where we left off in Part 1 on Amazon PPC for beginners, starting with keywords insights and campaign adjustments to improve the performance of your PPC on Amazon FBA.

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This Amazon PPC strategy for 2020 focuses on Exact match campaigns for efficient Amazon PPC management. We move our Amazon Sponsored Ads from Amazon PPC automatic campaign and a broad Amazon PPC manual campaign to an exact match PPC campaign. We explain a multitude of Amazon PPC tricks which will help you in evaluating your PPC keywords and Amazon PPC campaigns overall. The end goal resulting in you running a profitable Amazon advertisement for your listing via a group of targeted keywords. Our key focus here is Amazon PPC optimization, reducing your ACOS, and finally, how to continually replicate this for effective Amazon PPC management.

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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – PPC data periods
01:02 – Create PPC reports
02:16 – Structure PPC reports
03:21 – PPC optimization goals
03:54 – All PPC report columns explained
04:08 – Keyword
04:24 – Customer Search Term
05:30 – Impressions
06:12 – Relationship between Impressions and Clicks
06:52 – Click Thru Rate
07:22 – Cost Per Click
08:23 – Spend
08:38 – 7 Day Sales
08:52 – Advertizing Cost of Sale (ACoS)
09:23 – Why are there stars (*) in my report?
10:30 – How ACOS impacts Profit Margin
11:24 – Evaluating Broad Match Campaigns
13:07 – Why CTR is so Important
14:00 – Evaluating Automatic Campaigns
14:21 – Why am I getting ASINs in my report?
16:24 – Evaluating Exact Match Campaigns
18:16 – Why ACOS is NOT everything at this point
18:37 – The 3 Outcomes
20:20 – Now what?

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