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you get a built-in raw converter. you can shoot in raw and you can open raw images in photoshop. you can open raw images in all of the major raw editors. that is a whole lot of options. you can select between the camera’s native iso, f stop, and shutter speed. you can add a lens filter to give your images a slightly different look. you can choose a background color. you can select one of the many preset filters. you can even apply a special effect to your image. you can even adjust the color balance of your image and make it warmer or cooler. you can even play with the lighting, contrast, and sharpness. you can use the “demosaic” option to turn your raw file into a jpeg that is great for sharing.

not long ago we noticed a few sites that were calling photoshop tutorials “photoshop guides”. first of all, don’t get fooled by the word “guide”. they look like tutorials, but they’re not. only adobe’s official photoshop tutorials on their website are “guides”. the reason they’re called tutorials is because they’re not “tutorials”, they show you how to perform the same steps that are used in every photoshop tutorial. the difference is that photoshop’s official tutorial videos are presented in a step-by-step manner, showing you how to do a whole range of different tasks.

adobe photoshop users are those people who are very much capable of learning things by themselves, and it’s not really a problem that most of the tutorials are in english, and others are in german, spanish, french, chinese, etc. because it’s not going to stop people who learn a language. that’s the beauty of the tutorials: most of the time the same steps are repeated for all tutorials, but the difference is that most times they cover different things. so, regardless of the language that you prefer, you’re more than welcome to watch all of them.

because photoshop tutorials are offered on a variety of platforms: online, youtube, dvd, you can see how much time and effort goes into creating them, you’ll see things that other photoshop users will never see. there are other tools that can give you the same results, but photoshop tutorials offer you the full experience: you get the chance to watch how people use the interface, learn how they do everything. you get the full experience that photoshop has to offer, and that’s priceless.
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learn how to use the new photoshop cc color wheel to get your colors and monochromatic look perfect. photoshop cc now includes a color wheel that lets you view different color palettes in the same way you view a color wheel in a photograph. the color wheel provides instant color reference and offers a powerful way to get creative inspiration for your images. the color wheel provides a quick reference for all your favorite hues and more.
the latest update for cs6 was oct 8 for dynamic link media server 1.0.1 which is a dll used by photoshop when rendering output video files. there is no pdf for cs6 there is a pdf for all versions of photoshop. adobe photoshop cs6 portable 184mb ( extract 712mb) adobe photoshop 6 software, the professional image-editing standard, helps you work more efficiently, explore new creative options, and produce the highest quality images for print, the web, and anywhere else.