Check out our Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Tutorial. We Cover Google AdWords & Bing Ads Keyword Insertion Examples so you can create dynamic keyword insertion ads to improve your click-through rate and quality score. Google keyword insertion is a great strategy to improve your overall relevance, so you can match your ads to the users search query using the targeted keywords in your Ad Group.

Keyword insertion is one of the more advanced strategies and features you can use when creating Google and Bing ads. Your ad will dynamically update using the users search query to match one of the targeted keywords in your ad group. Dynamic keyword insertion can be used with broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact match keywords. Your ads will match your customers search term. Google Ads will try to replace this code with one of your keywords in your ad group.

Common Dynamic Search Ads Errors

Too many characters: Ads can’t contain more than 30 characters in each headline, more than 80 characters in the description line, or more than 15 characters in the URL path.

Nonsense: Inserted keywords need to make sense in context.

Incorrect grammar: Make sure each of your keywords agrees with your syntax.

Misspelled words: Google Ads accepts misspelled keywords, but can’t show ads with misspelled words.

Dynamic Search Ads: Keyword insertion isn’t available for Dynamic Search Ads because they don’t use keyword targeting.

Title case: The first letter of all keywords will be capitalized.
For title capitalization, use KeyWord.
{KeyWord:Default Text Here}

Sentence case: Only the first letter of the first keyword will be capitalized.
For sentence capitalization, use Keyword.
{Keyword:Default text here}

Lower case: No letters will be capitalized.
To keep your keyword lowercase, use keyword.
{keyword:default text here}

Helpful URLs:
How to Set up keyword insertion:

About keyword insertion:

Keyword insertion:

Our goal is to give you dynamic keyword insertion best practices and keyword insertion examples that you can learn from and use in your own campaigns.


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