The Roughneck RGH-3A is a surprisingly strong sniper. Equipped with 2 Heavy PPCs it can deal some solid pinpoint damage at mid-range. With the 5 ER Small Lasers it can also amp up it’s damage outpout in close range scenarios. On top of it it has great high hardpoints and a lot of armor and structure which makes the Mech extremely sturdy.

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2x Heavy PPC
5x ER Small Laser
Targeting Computer MK II
Engine: LFE265

Import Loadout:

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I am using Haven Kendrick’s Soundpack! Download it here: . To install, simply locate your Mechwarrior Online installation folder, open “Game” and you will see lots of .pak files. Drop the sound mod file into that folder with the other .pak files, restart the client, and you are good to go!

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