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tell us what makes their books so special. unfortunately, the main difference is that i want the latest version of a book, so i download it. but the people pirate the books wouldnt let that stop them. i’ve heard that the piracy download sites usually let you download all the books that are on the site for free. the actual people reading them dont download them i wouldnt be surprised to learn that a lot of piracy is a government issue. there are all kinds of dvd sharing sites, but i know what i’d prefer.

the difference in the sum of the two (the rrp vs. the piracy prices) depends on what you buy. for a lot of big name authors, a new edition might be as big a deal as publishing a new book, and will likely go for the price of a new book. on the other hand, there are also authors who publish fewer copies, and will sell most copies to authorized dealers.

a few years ago, most people downloaded books from the internet using dial-up modem. in the uk, prices were often something like 6p per minute, more if you were abroad. (sadly, i was too young to be on dial-up.) and you could usually get all of the books on the site downloaded in one go if you wanted to. i do agree with those who say that when you buy a book, you are supporting authors. however, i like to support a shop that is selling something i enjoy rather than a shop that is selling products that are designed to make people increase their consumption of something.

for some authors, the real expense is editing, since they have to put work in to put up a new edition. of course, once they have the ebook and have all the rights, many authors who are in the publishing business are making these days are switching to all-ebook editions. so maybe theyre not a real expense after all.


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