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What is the use of ObservableCollection inside View?

I’m really new to WPF and have been learning for the past week.
I’ve seen many tutorials online on how to work with the ObservableCollection but the most of them use the ListView as the view and not ObservableCollection.
When I googled ObservableCollection it only shows properties.
What is the use of ObservableCollection in WPF?
How does it work?


View :
ObservableCollection :
Both are related to the UI. ObservableCollection contains the collection of objects which the views are bound to it.

ObservableCollection class is a collection class which implements the INotifyCollectionChanged and IEnumerable interfaces and exposes the CollectionChanged event (the event used to notify that an item has been added, removed, or changed in the underlying data). In addition, ObservableCollection exposes the