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This entrepreneur tells us how to use inbound marketing to ‘enter life’ for your clients. Don’t miss the free talk this Thursday at 7pm!

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How can you use marketing to ‘get into life’ to your customers? So tonight you can’t miss the live broadcast of the talk with Brian Halligan Co-founder & CEO Hubspot and creator of the Inbound Marketing concept.

I spoke with Brian Halligan as part of his participation in INCMty to find out what to expect for 2021 and 2022 in terms of advertising and how to create valuable content in the age of the influencer.

“The disruption that exists in the world is that before it used to be very expensive to create content. To create a newspaper you had to hire reporters, buy paper, have presses. Suddenly the cost of creating a publication went to zero. The same with a channel television: you needed actors, studios, etc. Now you can create videos on YouTube. It used to be very expensive to have a radio station; you need microphones and personalities on the air; today you can just start a podcast. All this happened at the same time…

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