Automated, High-Quality Content Generation

How do you continue to deliver amazing results with limited time and resources?

Writing quality content that educates and persuades is still a surefire way to achieve your traffic and conversion goals.

But the process is an arduous, manual job that doesn’t scale.

Fortunately, the latest advances in Natural Language Understanding and Generation offer some promising and exciting results.

For his SEJ eSummit session, Hamlet Batista discussed what is possible right now using practical examples (and code) that technical SEO professionals can follow and adapt for their business.

Here’s a recap of his presentation.

Automated, High-Quality Content Generation

Autocomplete Suggestions

How many times have you encountered this?


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You start typing on Gmail and Google automatically completes the whole part and it’s super accurate.

You know, it’s really fascinating, but at the same time, it can be really scary.

You might already be using AI technology in your work without you even realizing it.

Gmail autocomplete

If you’re using Google Docs’ Smart compose feature, Gmail, or even Microsoft Word and Outlook, you’re already leveraging this technology.

This is part of your day as a marketer when you’re communicating with clients.

The great thing is this…

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