An extremely important part of a WordPress website is the theme. Having a good theme not only helps user-focused metrics, but it also can give you a large SEO boost. It could speed up your website, make it responsive, reduce the bounce/exit rate, and keep web users on your site for longer. All in all, the theme you choose for your site is going to be paramount to the success of it.

Which theme should you choose, though? There are thousands of themes out there, some free, others paid, which claim to be the best theme for WordPress websites. One of these themes is the Divi theme: a well-known theme that is used in its thousands. It is so popular, in fact, that, alongside Elementor and GeneratePress, it is the top three themes used for WordPress sites worldwide.

Following the crowd can be a good thing, but can also be bad. Here, I’ll explore some of the pros and cons there are to Divi, which you can consider before purchasing the theme.


A Theme Builder

The main attraction to Divi is the fact that it is an all in one theme builder. By this, you can design the whole theme of your website by dragging, dropping, and customizing on the frontend of the site.

For many many bloggers and website owners out there, this is going to be a huge plus. No need to learn code. Divi allows you to drag, drog, and customize exactly how you want your page to look.


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