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Do you have any idea what’s going to happen with the election, the stock market, COVID vaccines, or consumer behavior over the next quarter? I sure don’t. I do know that Q4, as usual, is going to make or break 2020 for many retail and eCommerce companies, and stress and uncertainty are higher than ever.

Where a lot of executives and marketers are seeing limits in the uncertainty, we’re leaning into our “Accept No Limits” value to turn uncertainty into opportunity. I’d like to inspire you to do the same with lessons gleaned from examples of how we’ve helped our clients achieve incredible pivots over the past year.

Re-Examine Old Performance Through a 2020 Lens

For one of our B2C clients focused on hands-on tasks like moving, cleaning, and home improvement, 2020 sent typically high-performing categories into a spiral. On the other hand, categories that had historically performed poorly – including delivery – suddenly presented new opportunities.

Very early in March, our account team began an aggressive roll-out of:

  • testing for new creative and ad copy featuring themes (e.g. “contactless”) that met customer needs
  • supporting expansion of services (e.g. errands, grocery delivery) that were brand new to the client
  • geo-specific breakouts to accommodate precise demand surges
  • new-channel testing

As a result, those services went from 3% of the client’s February revenue to nearly half of…

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