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3Q’s Head of SEO and CRO, Leslie To, was one of 22 fearless industry leaders who spoke at the Hero Conf and SearchLove Virtual Summit on March 3rd, 2021, during the “Turning SEO Tactics into Customer Centric Strategies with CRO” session. 

If you were able to attend, excellent! If not, rest assured — you can access a recording of her presentation here.

Following are some high-level points from the session, and you can check out the video for even more in-depth discussion of these topics.

Law of diminishing returns

Marketing strategies tend to yield the strongest results when they are clear and concise. The law of diminishing returns uncovers the point where input is much greater than the output. Leslie takes us through this framework, providing insight on ways to identify trigger points, when to react to negative returns, when to throw in the towel, or when to keep pushing. 

Identifying pivot points

After understanding the law of diminishing returns, the next important step is identifying opportunities to pivot strategies and determine where to shift media spend. Leslie stresses the importance of testing and applying research.

Balancing CRO & SEO priorities

In the third section of Leslie’s presentation, she arms viewers with the knowledge to know how and when to balance CRO & SEO priorities. She emphasizes that marketers should always quantify the potential, know the downsides, and understand…

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