Corona and Consumer Demand – Insights from 2020

Understanding consumer demand is a core part of any company’s success. In any year, an         ice-cream van will struggle if it stays at home when the sun is shining. And in 2020, people who went big on masks and hand disinfectant are still counting their cash. But the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic goes far beyond PPE and toilet paper. In this analysis, we use Searchmetrics Insights data to investigate the impact of coronavirus on the UK sports sector in 2020. How did lockdowns and exercise restrictions affect consumer demand? And who profited from the enforced shifts in behaviour?

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Searchmetrics Insights data

The data in this post (if not otherwise attributed) comes from Searchmetrics Insights, which uses search data to track demand on a sectoral basis.

Key points:

  • Data is based on online search activity on (United Kingdom)
  • Data for categories e.g. “Boxing” is not based on the single keyword boxing, but on all searches with an intent that is relevant to the product category in question, e.g. boxing products
  • Categories can be broken down into sub-categories e.g. “Bike Tools” is a sub-category within “Cycling”.

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