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WASHINGTON – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be attending a funeral for former American
president George HW Bush today. Harper and the Bush family have had a strong
relationship since he took over from prime minister Paul Martin in 2006. This
week marks the 40th anniversary of the first meeting of the informal group of
former presidents and prime ministers who became known as the “G-8”.

Mark Warner will sit out the rest of the campaign after failing to qualify in
the field in NSW. The party sacked the ministerial aides who promoted the
candidate. A NSW MP and prominent Islamophobe, David Leyonhjelm, put himself
forward after the Liberals were slated to lose the seat of Macquarie at the
last election. He has now become the 15th Labor candidate to give up their
seat. But he won’t be taking over a safe Labor seat – he is contesting Fairfax
at the NSW election.

Next year will see the first official “climate
crisis” UN conference. In 2015 all nations will be asked to take action on
CO2 and other gasses that are believed to be causing global warming. The
important point of this conference is that it is non-legislative, and all
important decisions are to be made through the UNFCCC. This means that major
commercial interests in developing nations can have their say.

The latest details on the lineup for
the conference can be found at:

The UNFCCC is a UN Program of Work
that has been around since the 1970’s. The biggest problem is that it is
incredibly slow in making up its mind as to what to do about all this CO2
stuff, it has had five Conferences on it and has been in limbo for the last
one with no real move forward.

So now it has the Australian
government’s support for CO2 restrictions as it is the only nation who
believes they have an interest in doing something.

George HW Bush will be there,
his son George W Bush also wants to attend, neither of them have been given
an invitation as yet. But neither of them are coming to prop up Australia,
they are coming to attend Bush 41

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