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Advertisers made big new investments in connected TV (CTV) in 2020. Per eMarketer, CTV spend was up 27% YOY and is on track for a 40% increase in 2021. It makes perfect sense, right? More people than ever are spending more time at home (because of the pandemic), and shifting their entertainment dollars away from cable and into ad-supported streaming services.

The upshot: CTV is here to stay. It’s a growing share of programmatic buys and awareness campaigns, and as with most digital media, measurability is a key benefit of the format. We have more data than ever, but CTV campaigns are often treated and measured by linear metrics (GRPs, reach and frequency, etc.) that aren’t very well incorporated into holistic metrics of multi-layered, full-funnel media campaigns.

So how can we better integrate our CTV campaigns into a full-funnel campaign? Wouldn’t it be great if we could track all of those users who watched our CTV ads and follow up with lower-funnel mobile or desktop ads? Well, actually, we can!

Retargeting CTV Viewers

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to users who have previously engaged with our ads. It’s one of the best ways to increase frequency for an audience, which in turn is one of the most effective methods to nurture leads and convert prospects into customers.

Of course you can just trust in branding and hope that those same one-touch users will find your company through…

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