It’s extremely important how we go about link building for our sites. Link building can either make or break it for you when you’re launching and growing an affiliate site or a bigger authority site.

With HARO (also called Help A Reporter Out) you can reach out to reporters and journalists who are actively asking for advice and quotes from industry experts. Here you can send them a recommendation or a quote for them to use in their articles.

It’s an extremely practical way to go about getting backlinks to your site without spamming a ton of outreach emails left and right. In this video, I lay out the steps you need to take in order to get success with HARO.

You basically sign up on and choose what type of outreach emails you want from the reporters.

Now the emails will automatically land in your inbox three times per day and you are ready to start helping reporters out. Help a reporter out is actually an old service that has been around for ages.

The reporters get what they need for their articles and industry experts, bloggers, experts, influencers, authority site owners, etc. get a chance to share their perspectives.

Even the smallest niche sites will take off much faster with a good solid SEO plan and good backlinks from high domain authority sites.

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