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Due to high demands from clients done-for-you services & consulting services are available

Our Services Includes but not limited to.

*I) Technical Setup*

a) Domains – Buy from Enom
b) Domains – Finding if the domain in flagged in FB
c) Hosting – Hosting which doesnt work and which is preferred Hosting, Deploying Instances to a specific Location for Lighting fast redirects(very important – redirect needs to be under 100ms)
d) DNS – Hide your server behind walls to get Server IP Flagged
e) SafeSite – How to build high quality safesite
f) WordPress – is dead in FB, but what works instead
g) 3rd party Safesite – Hack into Shopify and use high trust score to get accounts to last longer
h) Cloaking Shopify – Not many know this but who knows they know the game.
i) Reverse Proxy to Create Safesite in mins – But you need special tools for really good programmer for it. This is safesite key to successs

*II) Facebook & Google*

1) Warming up account with safesite

a) Post Based Warmup
b) Boost Based Warup
c) Pixel, Stop doing that people always do
d) Warming up with BH Campaign
e) warming up Keywords (applicable on google)

2) Pixel – Things you dont want to do
3) Faster moderation, How to get ads reviewed faster if its taking longer
4) $50/d Threshold on FB- Remove this campaign killer.
5) LAL – You may be doing it totally wrong.
6) Payment Setup – Done wrong
7) Notifications – Done wrong
8) Emonitcons – Done Wrong
9) Comments – Moderation & what not to do

*III) Google & Facebook Account Creation – Never Run out of Accounts*

1) Unlimited Facebook Accounts – How to rent, Access them & Payment Methods
2) Unlimited Google Accounts – How to rent, Access them & Payment Methods

3) Luminati – Super Affiliate Tool
4) Multilogin – Avoid Bans & Last Longer
5) Browser Fingerprinting – Last Longer

*IV) Cloaking Setup & Requirements*

a) Creating Campaigns
b) Setting up right filter
c) understanding JS based code
d) understanding php based code
e) Why TrafficArmor is a bitch
f) why not to use JCI
g) Redirection-method in detail and myths around it
h) No-redirection method,
i) Hiding your lander from Spy Tools
j) Shopify Based Cloaking
k) WordPress Based Cloaking (works in Adwords)

*V) Tools only for big Guys*

a) One Click Buy Domain, Deploy Server, Map DNS, Add Safepage & MoneyPage in 10mins
b) Manage several mediabuyer at same place
c) Tracking all campaigns based on Campaign seller, mediabuyer, niche & Traffic.

*PAID CONSULTING SKYPE*- https://join.skype.com/invite/jfU6E8vd1CWJ

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