We tend to keep things pretty technical on the Clix blog, but we want to share more of what drives our team and how we work – so we hope you’ll find value in our Clix Shares posts! 

With a whole half of the year behind us, we’re choosing to look forward to the time we still have available in the back half of this year and share with you what each member of team Clix hopes to focus some time and effort on – both professionally and personally – before those Q4 holidays start to gobble us all up. Looking for some inspiration? Perhaps we can help you find some here!


Recently I was feeling a little stagnant in my personal life. I wasn’t setting or meeting very many personal goals or trying my hand at any new things. I’m sure a big reason I was feeling this way was due to coming out of 2020 where my options were much more limited. But, I sat down at the end of April and decided I needed and wanted to be trying new things again. I made a list – an interesting, very random list – of tons of things I had never tried or learned before. I set a goal (low bar to start) that I would try one new thing every month. I have a 4 yr old and a busy schedule so I wanted to set a goal I felt I could actually reach. Thanks to my awesome bro-in-law, last month I got to help him build some new garden beds and I used a nail gun and a table saw for the first time!

Here’s a snapshot of a few other things on my list:

  • take a dance class with my…

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