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Lead Generation

Survey – B2B Marketers Working Against Longer Buying Cycle: As B2B marketers look to fine-tune the way they reach out to customers and prospects, new research suggests that B2B buyers are taking more time to think about potential purchases.

The Top Landing Page Mistakes You’re Making in 2021 (and How to Fix ‘Em): if you have the tools to create a landing page, then you have what you need to fix them. Take a look at this article, which explores four of the most common landing page mistakes out there and how to turn them around.

LinkedIn Ads List Uploads are Powerful!: Because LinkedIn is the platform where users identify where they work, you can upload contact and company lists to target specific companies at scale – check it out!

Lessons Learned from IBM’s Social Strategy: Read on to learn more about how IBM runs their influencer marketing and builds their social strategy, and how you can adopt some of these techniques into your own marketing efforts.


Data-Driven Pricing – 5 Strategies to Go Beyond Competition-Based Pricing: Only by empowering business-focused pricing strategies with data, automation and human intuition retailers stand a chance to cope with ever increasing competitive pressure. Give this post a read for an overview of the basics of data-driven pricing and prominent strategies to mix and match…

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