Happy Friday the 13th, friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of #PPC News & Views! Let’s hop into this week’s recap.

Steps You Can Take to Fix a Disapproved Google AdGoogle’s new three-strike system means that fixing disapprovals ASAP is now even more important.

A new way to approach your PPC personas: Learning from the sales process to limit waste and accelerate ROIWe love finding new ways to work together with sales to make everyone’s job more successful. This post goes in-depth into how to refine your PPC personas.

When It’s Smart To Use Smart Campaigns (And When It’s Not)It’s a question we get a lot. This post dives into Smart campaigns so that you understand the full picture.

What is the Google Deal Results Page? [And Why It’s Valuable for Brands in Q4]As we prep for Q4, eCommerce advertisers definitely need to know about the Google Deal Results Page.

Why and How to Import Cost Data to Google Analytics (+Template)Learn how to import cost data from other channels into Google Analytics.

YouTube launching global ad campaign to promote Shorts directly on TikTok, Snapchat, more: YouTube’s “Shorts” are now being promoted more widely. This new product offering allows creators to make short form videos like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Google Ads attribution models now support YouTube and DisplayAdvertisers can now better understand each ad type’s contribution to the buying journey.

Facebook Ads Announces Updates to…

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