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From the Experts

Social Media Examiner

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Strategy – Developing a System That Works: Learn how to develop a custom social lead generation strategy that’s unique to your business, and how to nurture your audience so they become buyers.

Facebook Retargeting Strategy – Creative Applications: Do you use retargeting on Facebook and Instagram? Wondering how to leverage ad retargeting in light of recent privacy changes? This article helps you discover creative ideas for retargeting audiences for both!

Search Engine Journal

How to Use Instagram Ads to Find Your Customers & Build Followers: Gaining new followers on Instagram can be difficult with so many users. Learn how to use Instagram Ads to turn potential followers into loyal customers.

Why Top of Funnel Matters & How to Win Buy-In for It: The data is clear. Digitally surrounding a prospect early on pays dividends outside of what you can directly attribute to paid media.

Vertical Leap

A guide to Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads: Review a year’s worth of key learnings since Amazon rolled out the product ad plus video creative combination offering.

Practical Ecommerce

Digital Advertisers Need to Pivot: The end of…

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