the sword and the flesh is a christian app that claims to be specifically geared towards christian soldiers. a few things kept it from being my list, most notably that it seems to be a particularly progressive app with no issues with casual sex. i would suggest using it for hookups rather than its other claimed, more exclusive use. 10:24:222018-12-01 10:24:22best hookup sites and apps

remember how i told you that i’d be looking for the best hookup sites that were more about hanging out and chatting than actually getting into each other’s pants? well, i found some great ones. let’s talk about the different types of hookup sites you can find now that the apps seem to be getting scarcer.

chances are, if you’re reading this on my site, you’re looking to get in to a good casual relationship with someone who shares some of your interests. so what i’m proposing here are some of the best hookup sites for that.

on the other hand, it did do a good job at connecting me with potential hookups. i think the messaging system could be a little easier, but perhaps that is where i could complain the loudest. overall, grindr works great for finding someone for a hookup or a long-term relationship, but the app has some problems i think can be easily fixed.

download: android, ios
cost: $3.99 per week, free for the first 10 days
clean is different from grindr, and its pretty good at that. clean is a gay dating app like any other app, but it makes a special effort to serve the queer community in an excellent way.