Check Core Web Vitals in Bulk: Moz Performance Metrics Beta

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In May 2020, Google took the step, as they occasionally do, of giving SEOs a heads up about a big change coming to their algorithms. At Moz, we’ve taken advantage of this warning and are introducing a feature that will help SEOs keep their sites up to speed.

So, today I have the pleasure of announcing a new open beta feature available to all Moz Pro subscribers: our new Performance Metrics suite.

The suite includes bulk analysis (on mobile and desktop), of the three Core Web Vitals metrics that are set to become part of Google’s Page Experience update next month. This is part of Moz’s dedication to technical SEO resources in 2021, along with our recently launched Technical SEO Certification, and some more features and content pieces that we’ll be able to share soon.

In this post, I’ll go through the background of Core Web Vitals, and how the new tools from Moz will help to spot, track, and fix page performance issues as they happen. But if you’re eager to just jump in and get started:

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