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Ccleaner Professional V9.5.78 FINAL UPDATE GGG Crack

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In Azure Functions, is it possible to share a data source between multiple functions?

To share a data source as needed by multiple functions, do we need to do this:

Create a shared access secret key as described here:

Add this access key to azure portal, and modify each function to use the key
Create a data connection from the Azure portal, pointing to a table

Or is there a more dynamic way to connect to a table in a shared manner?


You can accomplish this now with a Shared Access Signature (see the documentation). This allows you to configure different data sources for different resources.

You can connect to a table from a Function using a Shared Key.
How you would do this depends on what language you are using.
Azure Functions doesn’t have a DB Library but you can use a bunch of different third-party libraries/frameworks that should make the connection for you.
The simplest thing you can do is use the framework that Azure Functions already comes with. It is called the “Default Library”.
Assuming your Function has a variable which points to the connection string you want to use, then just do this:
var sqlConn = SqlConnection.CreateConnection(_connectionString);

To connect to a Shared Key, you can use the System.Data.SqlClient library and do the following:
var sqlConn = new SqlConnection(_connectionString);
sqlConn.AccessToken = GetSharedSecretAccessToken(_sharedSecretAccessToken);

If you need to change the connection string on the fly, you can do that as well using the connection string in the configuration that you are using. Or if you want to do that based on configuration, you could use the ConfigurationManager as described here.