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Developer: Rupeck Games

Release Date: April 11, 2019

Publisher: Rupeck Games

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Caveblazers together review

Caveblazers together is a challenging action platformer that is set in an ancient and mysterious underworld. It’s challenging puzzle platformer that has you dying a lot, and it has a dark story that you will want to read while you progress through the game.

The Gameplay

It is a challenging puzzle platformer. It is not made for anyone as it is made for hardcore puzzle players that love seeing how long they can survive until they die. The game is set in an ancient and mysterious underworld. You play as a falcon, who has to avoid death as you traverse through the various levels in the game to find the legendary stone that will allow you to escape the underworld and reach the surface.

The game is a blend of classic action platformers with puzzle elements and it looks really cool. The game is a bit difficult to describe for new players, but once you get the gist of the game you will enjoy it very much. The controls are simple and easy to use, but they are not as simple as they should be because the game requires precision and timing.

The controls are very simple in the game. All of the major functions of the game are mapped to the right stick and the D-pad is used for movement. The left stick is used for jumping and the A button is used to shoot your falcon. The X button is used to bring up the action menu, which has a lot of useful options like next level, stats, map, and enemy stats. The O button is used for calling back your falcon. On top of that, the camera can be moved with the left stick as well as the D-pad can be used to dodge an enemy attack and the A button can be used to attack the enemy directly.

Caveblazers Together Full PC Game

Caveblazers together is a vertical style puzzle platformer that puts heavy focus on puzzle elements. The game is a mix of two very different genres of games, but they both work very well together. The game combines action platforming and puzzle elements in a very interesting way that is different from any other games

Caveblazers Together Description:

Caveblazers Together is a fictional world coming to you, the player, from Rupeck Games. Online, people are calling it “rupeckieness.” When this indie roguelike game first came out on Steam in 2017, we took a look at it and called it a “deep, well-polished, puzzle-platformer that combines the player-driven nature of roguelikes with the pressing, friendly environment of the early 90s platformer.” While so many of those platforms have vanished, Caveblazers has stepped in to help make that world feel fresh again.

Caveblazers is a vertical-puzzle platformer with gravity-based movement inspired by classics like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. In this game, gravity inverts itself. That is, as players travel through space, the game’s world becomes heavier and eventually, the whole planet turns upside-down and the sun is behind them. Players must navigate their way through gravity-insane, puzzle-heavy levels in order to rescue the trapped heroes from Stone Age.

Caveblazers Together Free Download PC Game

Players also compete for a leaderboard — with us! There are player-run leaderboards for the game’s four character classes, with some called “notably obtuse achievements.” Even the fate of the world is decided by the player!


Caveblazers Together is a game we really dug back in 2017. When I wrote that article, it was the first time I had played a game by Rupeck Games. The developer had been publishing quirky and sometimes wonderful indie games on the PC platform since the game’s inception. They even made good games for the SNES and Genesis systems. Rupeck’s last PC-only release before Caveblazers was Arballa, which they published through Steam. In that game, players were tasked with navigating a world represented through a spiky form of 3D. That world was actually totally flat.

That no-man’s-land was abandoned in 2017, when Rupeck released their next game, Caveblazers. That game changed things for the worse in the form of traditional gravity. You’ll notice this game uses no gravity for the first third or so of the game

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