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Long-Tail Keywords – 3 Key Ways to Find Super-Focused Keywords

One of the toughest aspects of working in SEO is convincing clients that what you’re doing will pay off. Choosing to optimize for long-tail keywords can be a tough fight to...
Dana DiTomaso on Learning to Love Reporting

Dana DiTomaso on Learning to Love Reporting

Do you consider reporting a chore? Do you frantically scramble to pull all your data together at the end of the month? And does your reporting ultimately lead to more questions than...
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How to Create a Wikipedia Page (Step by Step)

Having a Wikipedia page about yourself or your company is a milestone that improves your brand equity. And you don’t even need to visit Wikipedia to see that.Google any notable brand, and...
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What is B2B Content Marketing? 7 Successful Examples

B2B content marketing is the process of creating and promoting content that appeals to businesses who are your target customers. The goal is simple: use content marketing to drive more traffic, acquire leads,...
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How BrightLocal Supercharged Its Review Strategy

Requesting reviews through other methods Given that we aren’t really a local business we were just using our own tool built for local businesses — we had to use different methods in...
Jason Brown on Becoming the Spammer's Public Enemy #1

Jason Brown on Becoming the Spammer’s Public Enemy #1

We’re back with our second episode of ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’ and this time we’re talking spam, spam, and more SPAM, with Jason Brown. Jason is the leading expert on all the...
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How to Mine for Competitor Insights Using BrightLocal’s Review API

When Kogneta’s Jordan Choo contacted us saying he’d created a brand-new free tool using our Reviews API (find out more about our APIs here), we just knew we had to share...
How to Get Facebook Recommendations for Local Businesses

How to Get Facebook Recommendations for Local Businesses

Billed as one of BrightLocal’s ‘11 Women in Local SEO Doing Great Things Right Now’, Crystal Horton is a fount of knowledge and always happy to share her wisdom. That’s why...
A Technical "Non-Content" Audit - Mike King // iPullRank

A Technical “Non-Content” Audit – Mike King // iPullRank

Episode Overview: Despite the growing importance of the role content plays in SEO, excellent content alone isn’t enough to master SEO. Join host Ben as he speaks with hip-hop artist turned...
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