Local SEO

Local SEO

On each category you can set a Category template style, a Top post style (grids) and a module type for article listing. Also each top post style (grids) have 5 different look style. You can mix them to create a beautiful and unique category page.


How to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy Around Seasonality

The key to executing excellent seasonal content campaigns for a local audience is preparation. Follow contributor Ann Smarty’s advice, use these handy tools, and never again will you be creating last-minute content while doing...
NAP Consistency: Why It's Important for Local SEO

What Is NAP Consistency & Why Is It Important for Local SEO?

There are a ton of acronyms floating about in the world of digital marketing. You’ve got CRO, CTA, SERP and NAP to name but a few. NAP is one that we hear a lot...

How To Get Your Business on Google Maps in 5 Easy Steps

Getting your local business to the top of Google Maps can be an absolute game-changer. Google itself has the statistics to prove it. In this post we’re going to show you why it’s so...
Local RankFlux Screenshot

The Top 10 Free Local SEO Tools in 2019

You’ve got your optimization checklist to complete, either for your own local business or on behalf of your client, and you’re wondering which free Local SEO tool will do the manual work for you. We...
Google My Business Help Community

The Best Local SEO Forums In 2019

  The lads over at BrightLocal have compiled a superb list of the best local SEO forums and communities to visit in 2019. These can be incredibly useful sources of knowledge and advice for agencies...
social media editorial calendar

How To Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

  An editorial calendar is a blueprint of your social media marketing strategy, and setting one up is quick and easy. In fact, to create a social media editorial calendar for your business, you only need six...
Local Legends: Greg Gifford on Pay-to-Play, Real-world Signals and What's Next for Local Search

Local Legends: Greg Gifford on Pay-to-Play, Real-world Signals and What’s Next for Local Search

In the latest edition of Local Legends, Greg Gifford, VP of Search at Wikimotive and BrightLocal CEO, Myles Anderson get into some deep discussions about pay to play, local search and real world signals....
sel-serving review schema

Google Announces Big Change to Local Business Review Schema

For a while now, local businesses have been able to push average star ratings from reviews about their businesses to their organic SERP results using review schema markup on their websites, but that is...
Facebook business reviews

How To Build Your Online Reputation Using Small Business Review Websites

  Online review sites can make or break your small business’s online reputation. Customers regularly visit business rating websites to review a business that they had either a very positive (or negative) experience with. Nobody would...
Link Building for Local SEO

25 Ways To Rank Your Business Using Local SEO

Ranking locally can be a huge boon for small businesses that service a specific region.  Imagine your business showing up when someone searches for your offerings on Google; someone who is clearly in the midst...
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