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1-Mar-2002 · The entire capsule and its supporting stromal fibers in the immediate vicinity of the capsulotomy are removed (subcapsular). Removal of only the equatorial opening (a “weaver strip”).
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POINT is a “risk simulation” model designed to simulate the. The current international standard for capsulectomy is the SRP technique (3).Let’s discuss…

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Subject: RE: sitter

he is 8 months old, and he is very playful! and he is very good w/people. if you know anyone that wants to adopt a dog for cheap (like me), let me know!


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I need a sitter. I was thinking of you. I have an 8 month old male
beagle and would like someone to watch him while I take care of
business. I would provide the food, his toys, bedding, etc…

Is this something you can do? Let me know. I have to go out this
morning, but I will be back soon. If you could please call or email.

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