Can You Trust SEO Tools for B2B Keyword Research?

Goddamnit Dan, stop making our lives harder!

Sorry, you feel that way, random internet person, but hopefully, this post makes your lives easier!

Anyway, this tweet by friend of the show John-Henry Scherck got me thinking

Are these tools trustworthy in the B2B Saas space? In the thread above, Russ Jones, who works on Keyword Explorer and other things at Moz, had this to say:

So let’s all agree that this is a very difficult problem to solve and that nobody is perfect, but since tools are out there selling their data as meaningful it needs to be tested

The Test

So here is what I did:

1) Took a year’s worth of warehoused Google Search Console data for a B2B SaaS Client (Calendar year 2019) and calculated the average number of monthly impressions for all terms that got a click in our data set. This is going to be our source of truth for “Monthly Search Volume.” Of course, whether or not this is true is debatable, but it def means more to us and our clients then 3rd party tool data.

2) Exported the keywords that this site was ranking for from SEMrush and…

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