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Video Ads Cheat Sheet

Have you poured hours into making your videos only to struggle to get the traction you hoped for? If you only get a small number of views to your YouTube videos you don’t get much traction. Increasing your view counts helps build your brand and online credibility.

YouTube frowns on using 3rd party services to increase your views to your YouTube videos. They do recommend using YouTube video ads which are powered by Google. This means you’ll manage your YouTube campaign using Google AdWords. It will help target your ideal audience on YouTube and across the web.

Here are the types of YouTube Video Ads you can run:

1. In-stream video ads
These ads appear for a few seconds before you watch YouTube videos. They appear YouTube watch pages and on the Google Display Network.

YouTube now delivers In-stream ads to Xbox, PlayStation 3, iPhone, iPad, and Wii, so you can reach new customers wherever they are.

2. In-display video ads
These ads appear on YouTube search results, on YouTube related videos, as a YouTube overlay and on Partner websites.

Now you know the different types of video ads that you can use to promote your videos.

If you want to learn more about how to use YouTube Video Ads to drive an avalanche of traffic to your videos or website download my cheat sheet.

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Video Ads Cheat Sheet

You’ll learn how to set-up your first video ads campaign.

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Buy YouTube Views With AdWords For Video

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