Business Etiquette Blunders You Must Not Make

This article discusses 8 common business etiquette blunders that many people in the business world commit and how they can be avoided.

Business etiquette is important in big or small businesses because relying purely on competence to promote your business interests using inbound marketing is unlikely to get you very far. The tips on business etiquette mistakes to avoid listed below are offered as reminders for anyone in business, from business owners or managers to employees or hired workers.

Addressing Everyone by First Name

If you are new hire to a job, don’t assume that just because everyone in the office addressed each other by the first name, you are at liberty to do the same. It would be wise to address your boss formally unless he insists you call him by his first name.

Sending Out Business Correspondence with Errors

When your business correspondence is riddled with typing and spelling errors, the impression you are presenting to the recipient tends to be this: “I’m too important for such small details. I’m not concerned that I’m being careless.” Therefore, to avoid being branded ‘unprofessional’, make sure that your correspondence is error-free.

Taking Business Calls Too Lightly

When you make a business call, always state your name, the company you represent, and whom you wish to speak with. Be concise. Never put a client on hold because “an important call just came in.” This immediately makes your client feel less important. Don’t talk with…

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