Creating Press Releases (PR) to drive traffic and build your email list is a little different than writing standard articles.

You want to write your press releases in the "third person" narrative rather than first person.

When writing in third person, you will use pronouns like "he" and "she" rather than "I" or "we". A press release is like a news story and you are the reporter. You will report on yourself or your business.

The beautiful part of crafting a really good press release, submitting it to any of the free or paid press release websites, is you have very good chance that the release will be picked up by any number of Online News & PR services.

PR's will not only send visitors to your site, but you could potentially create 100's if not a 1000 or more fresh, high quality back-links from high "page ranked" sites.

The structure of your press release should follow an outline similar to this:

  1. The headline – You will want to capitalize the first letter of each word and make the headline catchy to draw in the reader.
  2. Do not use an exclamation point (!) In the headline, as the article will appear to be salesy. The PR needs to appear to be news worthy.
  3. The Opening paragraph – Here you will spell out the who, what, where, why and when of the article and also summarize the entire article. Many sites will only show the headline and first paragraph so make this count! Draw your reader in to either click to read the full story or continue reading if the PR site displays the entire article.
  4. The remaining 2 to 4 paragraphs – You need to include actual facts as they relate to your business or service. Include any relevant time-lines and as much detailed information as possible. Focus on really grabbing the attention of the reader throughout the entire article.
  5. The closing paragraph will just be a summary of the entire PR.
  6. Many wire service companies say that your article should be 500 words or less, but the news services prefer 700 word press releases.
  7. Place your anchor text link in the first paragraph and at the end. Two links is sufficient.

Tip: If you are offering a "Free Report" in your PR from your website, you want to label it as a "White Paper" NOT a free report in your article.

In closing, a well crafted PR is worth its weight in gold and you need to really make your words count.

The amount of possible back-links and the traffic to your site from your PR, will surely help you build your email list very quickly.

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Source by Mark A Stafford