When I first started working in PPC, I loved building reports – I was new, I had the time, I loved getting into the weeds of all the data for that month. As my career progresses, I’m finding less and less time to sift through data to create my own reports manually. 

Here’s the bright side! 

Since I am a data nerd and love learning new things, I invested in myself and have the goal of being a superstar at Google Analytics. I can still get into the data, and have more time to analyze trends, all with the help of a nifty feature in Google Analytics – Custom Reports!

I absolutely love Google Analytics and don’t know how anyone can live without it – you can see data in so many different levels, with many dimensions to choose from, without having to download multiple data sets and tackle the challenge of making it all fit together. You’re able to take so much more data and have actionable insights right at your fingertips, all within the interface. Google Analytics allows you to be creative with how you’re viewing performance and makes it nice and tidy to perfectly fit in a PDF report if you need to send it off. 

Definitions Of Custom Report Features

In order to use custom reports, you need to know what each term means to build out a sweet, showstopping report. Every report that you create in Google Analytics will have a dimension and a metric, sometimes even two dimensions! If you’re already super confused on how to analyze data without custom reports, check…

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