Blogging online and SEO changes every single year. In actual fact, I can remember not too long ago when it was recommended to stuff your articles with rich keywords. Nowadays, with Google investing in AI for scanning content, the opposite can be applied now. If you do not stay up to date online and with SEO, unfortunately, you will be left behind.

2021 is going to be a big year for SEO. Likewise, 2022 is going to be equally big, with the removal of third-party cookies. With this, here are a few areas to invest in, coming from myself, a multiple website owner that’s been blogging for over 10 years.


#1 Video

Rich snippets are being populated more and more with videos on YouTube. As well as this, most high ranking pages will have some form of content that isn’t text. Generally, this will be a video. Sometimes, it is an audio clip. With the idealized situation, it is a video.

The problem is that video is expensive in time and money to make.

However, a good thing to do is look at your top traffic pages that do not rank #1 – if these pages could benefit from having a video clip on it, invest in doing just this! It will make a huge difference in UX.


#2 Pagespeed

I’ve spoken about Pagespeed already on The reason I am mentioning it again is because it is so important. Google recently made an announcement that the core web vitals SEO update is being pushed back until mid June, so there is still time to get your core web vitals sorted.

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