if you’re really interested in someone you’ve found on okcupid, you can use the search bar to find someone with similar interests, so https://pastelink.net/ycog6mn4you can have more in common. this is a great way to meet people who share your values and interests.

you can also use okcupid’s messaging feature to chat with potential dates, but when i say you can chat, i mean you can actually talk to people who have responded to your open-ended question. this is a really quick and easy way to get to know someone if they’re interested in you. and you don’t have to worry about talking to someone who’s not that into you.

it’s also easy to save someone you’re interested in as a save, and you can include your phone number when you do that so you know if they’re interested in you. this way, if you are single, you can immediately contact the person and make your next step if they’ve shown they’re interested.

it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hookup-centric, but okcupid has come up with a game-changing way to ask women how they feel about casual sex and/or casual dating. the site has become one of the best dating sites due to the fact that it actually uses the interest data you give the site to help you match you with exactly the type of partner you want. sure, it might be a little creepy if you send pics of your cat to someone, but if you just tell them that you’re open to casual dating or that it’s “good and dirty,” then you can get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of the number of matches you get.

though a dating app that makes it super simple to meet and hookup with strangers seems like a no-brainer, app-style is the opposite of that. the app more or less just skims the surface of what others on it are looking for in their hookup partners, and doesn’t even require you to have any photos of yourself. the app only shows you potential dates based on a five-point scale of distance as well as personal choice. the caveat to this is that it may be easier to find matches if you’re actually in the app, but it gives you the chance to be much more selective about what you’re looking for.