Bing Places for Business - Bing Local Listings Explained

Bumping up local visibility has never been more important than it is right now. With 9 out of 10 consumers going online to find a business in the last year, being present in local search results is critical to getting customers through your doors. It’s no secret that Google My Business is a major local SEO ranking factor but, are you missing a trick by overlooking Bing Places listings?

While it may not get quite as much air time as Google My Business, Bing Places is very much a relevant, worthwhile addition to your local search engine optimization campaign, especially if one of your current business goals is to generate more orders and sales from potential clients in your town or city.


What is a Bing Places for Business listing?

A Bing Places for Business listing is just that – a listing about your business which can appear on Bing search results and Bing Maps for desktop, voice and mobile devices. Much like Google My Business, your Bing Places listing is an outlet to share key information about your business, including physical address, phone number, website URL and opening hours.

As with Google My Business data, Bing Places information is used by the search engine to help it return the most relevant search results to Bing search users. Your business listing helps Bing to understand your business and as such, it is a confirmed Bing local ranking factor. The search engine says,

Bing Places helps the Local ranking algorithm to accurately match your business…

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