Billing Ecafepro 4.16 Full Version

As mentioned in this question and this one as well, you would have to download the relevant version of the Statistics FCS package from the author’s website. There’s no way to install the.NET Reflector package from the FCS package, unfortunately.
In addition, the maintainer of the FCS package does not support technical issues regarding commercial software. In any case, you might contact the author of that software and ask for support.

This is an interesting benchmark that targets present, warts-and-all functional code. I like to put it together in the process of writing my own functional tests with the caveat that it is not a precise or necessarily exhaustive way to compare implementations.

It’s by no means an academic exercise and is intended to test a few simple ideas rather than create a comprehensive benchmark.

For example, I am testing performance where we can use a functional programming style (to ensure that the code must be benchmarked correctly) and provide a nice small algorithm to work with (the absolute best thing to benchmark). We may add in some testing for parallelism but it’s generally not a good idea as some languages are amenable to functional programming and otherwise not.

The experiment is set up to be a collection of numbers with a minimal number of operations. It’s nice to be able to show that the final number depends on the optimisedness of an implementation.

And, while we may not have the time for a’real’ benchmark, we do have time to test whether we can write a simple implementation (functions) that meets our standards of performance.

The test algorithm is this: convert a number N into its equivalent Gaussian prime number. Here’s the prime number conversion algorithm:

Finding prime numbers is a breeze in most languages and languages with integers and the isPrime() method are trivial. Most but not all have implementations.

As I also mention in the main article, computers are much more interested in running the algorithm than in finding prime numbers. Thus the real test of an optimised implementation will be in making the test run as quickly as possible.

I’ve added comments in the code. I’ve tried to use as few primitives as possible. For example, there is no need for an array. We can immediately remove the need for an array if we are guaranteed that a will never be a prime number or we can ensure it by squaring it.

The language, a language that does the simplest possible thing is

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. Billing ecafepro 4.16 full version

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