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Customize the redirect parameters, such as the port and window to redirect.
If you have a serial number available for your product, you can select the “Enter Product and Serial Number” option and enter it manually.
Reset the serial port redirection. The default port and port-number are the same, and you can find them in the Setup Wizard.
Click the Window link to specify the main dialog window.
You may also specify a window by clicking on its name in the dialog box.
When you exit the Program, the data is redirected to the selected window.
A redirection error occurs when either port is incorrect.
Enter a custom number between 1 and 65535 to indicate the port number to use.
Specify the window by clicking on its name in the dialog box.
The main dialog box is presented with a list of windows.
Click the View button to display the list of available windows and to enter the main window name.
To exit the Program, click the Apply button.
Copyright 2005, VJ Geberth.
‘Redirect Serial Port to Serial Port’ and ‘Redirect Serial Port to Keyboard’ are the two most similar to the main functionality of ‘Bill Redirect Serial COM Port to Keyboard’ as they let you perform these same functions on a different serial port.

Step 4 :Run it as administrator

Step 5 :Enjoy the result

Bill Redirect Serial Comport To Keyboard Buffer Crack

Redirect data between RS232, TCP Port, virtual keyboard, and keyboard buffer. Windows.Bill

Just by a click, you can redirect your data from COM port to any windows. In this page, you can easily redirect your data between three windows, mouse, keyboard, and virtual keyboard.You can redirect a COM port with any windows you want.

Step 2 – Open the «Â ComPort » dialog box in Program Files or in your profile folder.

Step 3 – Select the COM port you want to redirect with.

Step 4 – Type any serial number you want.

Step 5 – Click on the «Â Redirect » button.

Step 6 – Set the parameters and click on the apply button.

Step 7 – Open the windows you want to direct your data with and enjoy your work.

Automatic redirection of