Beyond GMB: The Best Places to Source Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is among the most important information your client’s business needs to gather. 

It is vital not just for retaining existing customers, but also for attracting new users and increasing brand awareness. More than half of all consumers won’t buy from a business unless it has an average review rating of at least four stars. So, if you’re not prioritizing reviews then you could be losing customers.

Customer feedback can also have a big impact on local search rankings, so it pays to take a proactive approach to gather it.

Collecting and responding to customer feedback enables you to improve your business, products, and services, increasing customer satisfaction and your reputation in the process. Not only that, it also lets you identify problems and complaints, and resolve them faster too.

While a high quantity of reputable reviews is important, diversifying those reviews across multiple channels is vital to winning over increasingly skeptical consumers

To simplify the process, here are six customer feedback methods (beyond Google My Business) you should prioritize in 2020:

Customer service platforms

Your client’s customer service channels receive important feedback from consumers every day, highlighting common frustrations as well as the things they like about the business.

While collating feedback through your internal customer service platforms (like Zendesk or even just good ol’ email) may not help directly with local…

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