Best Small Business Loan Reviews of 2020

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Unless you’re independently wealthy, most small business owners need a loan at one point or another. From paying for startup costs to expansion projects, equipment, or unexpected incidents, quick access to funding will make it easier for your company to grow. 

Whether you’re launching a brand new venture or own an established business, there are so many different small business lending options out there to consider. 

Which small business loan is best for you? This guide contains everything you need to know on the subject.

The Top 6 Options For Small Business Loans

  1. Fundbox
  2. Funding Circle
  3. Accion
  4. Lendio
  5. OnDeck
  6. Kiva

How to Choose the Best Small Business Loans For You

Small business loans come in all different shapes and sizes. So as you’re evaluating different options, there are specific considerations that must be examined. I’ll explain each one in greater detail below. 


When most people think about getting a loan, they automatically assume that a bank is their only option. But in addition to small local banks and national bank chains, there are lots of other lenders that can provide your small business with capital.

You can explore credit unions, crowdfunding sites, P2P lenders, loan marketplaces, nonprofit lenders, and even alternative lending solutions. 

The qualification requirements and loan terms will vary from lender to…

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